Thursday, August 26, 2004

Hey, Dave Matthews in the news!!!

Ummmmm, yeah, not exactly for the best of reasons.


I really hate to see stuff like this. The biggest problem here is that this guy probably proclaims to be a Christian.....a Conservative....a Republican. What's worse - because I am all three of those, albeit closer to the center than most, I have now become this guy - in the eyes of the other side. It's terrible, because in no way, shape or form do I think this even remotely appropriate, yet I will still have to put up with "See, that's how you guys think, that's how you guys are". I hate it and I truly hope they remove this guy for life from the bench. What an A-hole.

A judicial panel has charged an Orange County judge with chastising a deputy sheriff who had a child out of wedlock, saying she was a "disgrace to society," "had no morals," and her child was "a bastard."


Todd asked detectives in 2001 if a female courthouse administrator "was taking good care of the detectives." The detectives said she was and he responded, "Well, that's what the men's bathroom wall says ... I just wanted to make sure," the notice said.


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Been playing A LOT of poker

My usual night consists of 3 tables of $50 NL on Party. Of course, there's always the bad beats, the bad runs, etc., but typically I can walk every night up between $75-$100 dollars. Not too bad. I would love to make more than that, but for some reason, it seems that the longer I play, the worse my cards get - especially late into the night. Not to mention, the players in the middle of the night get crazy....and I mean crazy. You do not see a flop without a raise, then you don't see a turn without a big raise and you definitely don't see a river without an all in. Now, usually I don't mind that kind of play, but for some reason, it just seems that I either do not get cards that warrant me staying in or I get sucked out at the end. Either way, I just tend to give my money back at the end of the night. So, I have really time limited myself to just a few hours a night, get my $100 and walk away.

Last night, I was into my 3 tables and felt like getting some tournament action. I got into the $9+$1 Super Weekday Qualifier on Party. 400 players. Top 22 get freerolls into the Super Weekday. I really feel like I am a good tournament player and really stick to the "get your money in if you are in the lead" only to get popped at the end - all in, with a river suckout. I can't shake that. Well, last night, somehow, someway, things changed and I was able to coast my way to a 7th place finish - which doesn't mean much, because after the top 22 were locked down, everyone just started going all in every hand - I did the same, just won a few to get to 7th. I really played well though or at least felt like I did. Made the right moves at the right times. I still believe though that in a big tournament, you can be good, but you really have to get "lucky" 3-4 times, probably more, to get into the money, even more if you are going to win. I had 2 of those instances last night that really stick out to me.

Dealt AKoff (Ace of spades) on the button, one MP limp, I make it 4xBB to go, small folds, big calls, MP folds. Flop comes all spades, 10s being the highest (10, 4, 2, if I remember correctly). Big goes all in, which at the time was a significant amount of chips - @6K. We were dead even, I was over probably less than 100 chips. I thought and thought and thought - really was hoping for that free card, but could not for the life of me think what he had. What would he call me with? KQ with a K of spades? KJ? No idea. I finally put him on one of those two with the K of spades and just trying to buy it, so I called. He turns Q-10 of spades for the made flush. Ouch. Big ouch, but I still have outs. Turn - a spade. I take the pot and take over the table chip lead. Good pot, probably a terrible call, I just couldn't see betting an all in on a made flush. A terrible read, but it worked out. Lucky call on my part.

I cruise for a while, about 100 players left, I am sitting on @13K of chips at this point - a little over the average. Dealt 55 (presto) in middle position. 3 limpers and I limp in as well - 5 in the pot. Flop comes 7,5,2 rainbow....very nice. Checked to me from the BB, I bet half the pot, drop, drop, drop, call from BB (who is about even with me chipwise). Hmmm.......okay. Turn is a 2 (2 same suit on board now). Veeeeeery nice. Checked to me, I bet half the pot, trying to milk this guy, he comes over the top of me all-in. Huh? What the?!? Only thing I could think he had was a 3rd 2 and was trying to scare me. Overpair? Overcards? I had no idea, but really thought I was golden. Took me all of 5 seconds to run the cards through my head, but just knew I was good.......but I was all-in on this call. Call and he turns pocket 7's. Full boat. DAMMMMMIT!!!!!! What the?!? I know I am a retard, but I never saw that coming. Soooooooo, guess what comes on the river? The case 5. Thank you very much. Completely lucky. Bad call made good by the Poker Gods. Unreal. I even typed sorry in the chat. I was already getting out of my seat.

Anyway, coasted from then on....I had plenty of chips and basically folded every single hand until I got into the money. Nice win, but definitely could not have gotten it done without those 2 suckouts. Like the man said, "that's poker".

Monday, August 16, 2004

And a week later I am HEALED!!!!

Jeez.....that SUCKED. It, seriously, took me a week to heal up from closing my car door. Wow. I can't even imagine what will happen to me the next time I try and take out the trash or mow the loan.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Damn, 30 IS old

Okay, I just had my first "Damn, I really am old" moment. This morning, I get some chest and abs in - typical workout. I workout fairly hard, but nothing stupid. No problems, no pulls, nothing - good workout. Feeling good, I get into my car, reach out to close my door and BAM - something pops in my shoulder. It wasn't a click, it was a loud pop. Ummmm, that's not good - then my entire arm starts going numb. I barely make it home the pain is so bad. Unfortunately, I have to get ready for work. It took me an hour just to put my shirt on - I can't even raise my arm over my head. Jeeeeeeeez.........

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Tooling around RGP and came across a post by Daniel Negreanu about the ESPN Tournament of Champions:
From: Daniel Negreanu (
Subject: ESPN TOC event update
View: Complete Thread (68 articles)
Original Format
Date: 2004-08-08 13:29:39 PST

So this is what I heard. The 10 players chosen are as follows:

Doyle Brunson
Chip Reese
Phil Hellmuth
Men Nguyen
Johnny Chan
TJ Cloutier
Phil Ivey
Howard Lederer
Greg Raymer
Annie Duke

Curious as to what the criteria was to play, apparantly they did an
independant poll of 300 players and asked who they thought the best
players were.
Of course, I don't know one person that was asked to vote in this poll
and have no idea if it actually took place. If it did, I can't imagine
who they asked? I'd be willing to bet that this poll never even took

I didn't care so much that I wasn't involved in the SuperStars of Poker
Show, but now we are talking about a freeroll for two million dollars at
stake! I'm starting to wonder what you actually have to do to qualify as
one of the best no limit hold'em tournament players.

1. Tournament results obviously don't seem to hold much weight.
2. Being a winning player in the high limit cash games can't be enough.
3. Respect from your peers also doesn't seem to be very important.
4. Longevity? No that wouldn't make sense either based on that list.
5. Winning the ESPN Player of the Year Award? Useless.

So what then, does it take to qualify for the ESPN TOC? Please
enlighten me, because I have no idea.

Daniel Negreanu

P.S. Sorry if this post comes off as whiny, but I'm a little frustrated
and feel like I've now been "double dissed" :-)
Hmmmmm, okay. I guess I can feel for Daniel and see where he is coming from - it would probably piss me off pretty good to have the kind of year he's having and than see Annie on this list. Of course, I have a good feeling - as do many of the RGP'ers - that Annie was added as a "We need a woman on the show, find someone that everyone knows". I seriously doubt that even Annie feels that she belongs on anyone's Top 10 list. Also, if you are going to have to add a woman, wouldn't you go straight for Jennifer Harman?

I guess that Daniel isn't the only one feeling a little slighted.
Message 1 in thread
From: Erik Seidel (
Subject: TOC Tale of the Tape

View this article only
Date: 2004-08-09 15:15:05 PST

There seems to be a great deal of controversy on the selection process
that ESPN used to chose the 10 players for this event. Having read
through many of the posts here it seems as if there is some outrage at
Daniel being left out. I think there is a case for Daniel, and also a
case for a few others (myself among them). Here is the case for:

Gus Hanson- Hottest player on the WPT tour the last year and a half.
Even more impressive when you take into account he didn't play many
events the first year of WPT. The objection might be that although he
has dominated the WPT he has no results or history with the WSOP.

Dan Harrington- I believe Dan might have the most impressive record of
anyone in the 10k at the World Series. 6th in 87',1st in 95', 3rd last
year, and 4th this year. This is a really impressive record and he
certainly warants serious consideration.

John Juanda- Without question John has been the most overlooked and
underexposed player in poker. Runner up for Player of the Year in 01,
and 02'.
Champion of the Year in 02' and he is leading Champion of the Year
list this year. Champion of the Year only counts the major events that
the top players play. Phil Hellmuth has been publishing the list for 2
1/2 years and Juanda has a chance to win 2 out of 3. The fields have
grown so big this is really a remarkable achievement. In my opinion
he's the best tournament player in the world and it's time that he
get's the recognition he deserves.

Erik Seidel- 6 WSOP titles (4 living players have more than 6, 3 have
been picked for the show, the 4th is Billy Baxter/Mr. Lowball, who
owns all 7 in lowball).
3 Bellagio Titles, I believe only Scotty N. has won 3 also.
Phil H. has been publishing the stats for Champion of the Year since
3 players made the top 10 in those 2 years. Myself, Howard Lederer,
and Phil Ivey. I am the only player to score in top 5 both years and
was the combined points leader going into this year. My record vs. the
10 players ESPN chose, heads-up in tournament finals is 8 wins and 1
loss. The one loss being in 88' to Chan. I wonder if there is anyone
else who has even 2 wins against this formitable lineup?

All this said I think it's ESPN's show and they certainly have the
right to pick who they want. I was very disappointed to be left off
their list. Next year it sounds like we will have a clearer picture on
how to qualify.
I also think this show is a huge breakthrough for all of us. ESPN is
the first channel to step up and offer real money to some of the
players and I'm hoping this will set a precedent that other channels
will follow. The players have been waiting a long time for some
financial compensation from the other channels and very little has
trinkled down. The players have been providing quite a bit of
programming for Fox Sports, Travel Channel and ESPN and it is great to
see that ESPN/Harrah's is giving something back to us. Even though I
am not one of the invited party's and would love to see them expand
the show to 2 tables, I think the show will potentially have a big
impact on all of the players who are playing these large events. -Erik
Looking at those accomplishments, it's tough to argue with his reasoning. Even tougher to not think that Harrington deserves some serious consideration with his WSOP record. The post does kind of come off sour grapes to me, but I guess when you have that record and you get left out of a $2 million freeroll, I probably would be pretty pissed off as well.

Daniel makes some odd (at least I think they are odd) comments to Eric's post.
From: Daniel Negreanu (
Subject: Re: TOC Tale of the Tape

View this article only
Date: 2004-08-09 22:12:07 PST

On Aug 9 2004 3:15PM, Erik Seidel wrote:

Even though I
> am not one of the invited party's and would love to see them expand
> the show to 2 tables, I think the show will potentially have a big
> impact on all of the players who are playing these large events. -Erik
> Seidel

I agree with your post completely. It's imperative that they come up
with a legitimate criteria for qualification in order to protect the
integrity of the game. The public in general doesn't have a clue who is a
"great" player and who isn't. If the players are so "great" then they'd
be making final tables without having to start at one.

The chosen list would just get demolished by a second group of ten.
Assuming Greg Raymer is a shoe in, I'd take these nine over the nine
chosen in a heartbeat:

Erik Seidel
Todd Brunson
Jennifer Harman
Daniel Negreanu
Gus Hansen
Barry Greenstein
Erick Lindgren
Ted Forrest
John Hennigan

In my opinion, this second group of nine is much, much stronger than the
ESPN TOC group. I could go on with more names that would outduel the ESPN
group in no limit hold'em, but I think you get the picture.
Several of the chosen players have shown absolutely no success in no
limit hold'em. My list here would crush em'.
Ouch. Speaking of sour grapes. Crush 'em? Hmmmm.......what do I know - I have never played with any of these guys, but crush Lederer? Crush Ivey? Crush Hellmuth? Crush Chan? Ummmmmm......sorry, Daniel, I don't see it. I really like Daniel - I like the way he comes off, I like the way he plays, but man, this is way off - serious sour grapes. I will be the first to admit, I don't know all of the background with these guys, so I didn't know there was some record with Daniel and some of these bigwigs.
From: Russ Georgiev (
Subject: GCA "Daniel Negreanu emails Russ G"
View: Complete Thread (8 articles)
Original Format
Date: 2004-06-04 01:39:48 PST

From: Newgca (
Subject: GCA " Daniel Negreanu emails Russ G"
View: Complete Thread (62 articles)
Original Format
Date: 2003-09-06 21:42:49 PST

From: "daniel negreanu"
Sent: Monday,June 11,2001 6:48 PM
Subject: Daniel's wish
First off Russ, I hope this stays off the record. I don't need
anybody knowing about this e-mail if you know what I mean. I KNOW also
that Doyle is a big fat cheat, I can't stand him one bit. When you
guys started this whole thing I was really excited about the idea. I
figured you guys were going to expose Doyle for what he is. You see,
I'm in no position to.
You guys just aren't coming up with enough concrete evidence though,
and recently I think you guys went the wrong way. Your focus should be
what you KNOW for sure is true, anything at the Bellagio is difficult
to prove. Also, why would you use Ted Forrest's name? Ted is no cheat,
this I know for sure. Where did you get that info?
If you guys are going to talk about the Bellagio game, eventually you
have to be more specific. Also, I hope you guys keep up with the
honest player report as well. I'm very concerned with what this whole
thing is doing to honest people's reputation.
If I ever so much as hear that Jennifer Harmon is implicated in any
of this you will have a LIFETIME PROBLEM WITH ME. At present I have no
beef with you, and I'd like things to stay that way. Jennifer Harmon
has never cheated a day in her life, and I want that reputation
Stick with Doyle and Chip. Geez, use Men the Master too he literally
is the biggest cheat in tournament poker today, no question. You have
no idea what this shit has done to Jennifer. She was crying when she
heard all this shit because she was worried her name was going to be
mentioned in something. I told her not to worry.
This woman is my best friend in the whole world, and if her
reputation is important to her, it's just as important to me. This I'm
sure you will understand.
So, please continue with telling rgp who you know to be honest, I
hope that Jennifer's name is at the top of that list. By the way, she
has no idea I'm sending you this e-mail, and I hope it stays that eay.
This is a small favor I'm asking for, I'd like to help you guys in
any way I can, but it HAS to be strictly confidential.
Daniel(never cheated a day in his life) Negreanu
Well, that makes 3 of them. Guess we see why Daniel doesn't like Doyle and Chip being added to that final table. I think it's fairly common knowledge how Daniel feels about Minh (at least to RGP'ers) so I won't even touch that one.

I will not verify that email to Russ - I don't know the post story - so if it's not true, I apologize.

Again, I like the guy, but if I was Daniel, I would probably shut up and take it graciously. I would say that while they might not be the "best" out there right now, Chip, Doyle, Chan have all earned that spot. I guess we'll see.

Lovinger on ESPN

Jay Lovinger wrote another poker article on ESPN's Page 2. Iggy didn't like it at all - I typically don't like Jay's writing either, but I didn't think this one was too bad. However, it didn't really say a whole lot - just read off the typical reads for a better poker education.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Last night in Vegas

The last night (Sunday) I was in Vegas, I got to sneak off to the Flamingo to play a little NL. Bought in for $200. There were a lot of big stacks at the table - I am pretty sure these guys had been playing together all night - so I was hoping to sneak in and take some of their money. It was the drunk college frat crowd who all seemed to know each other and who all thought they were much better than they were. I was there for about an hour and didn't see a card higher than a 10 until I got A9 hearts in the big blind. Free flop so I checked. Flop comes low rags - if I remember right 5,4,2 rainbow. 3 players in. Small check, I check , MP checks. Next card 9 - matched up a suit on the board, clubs I think. Small bets, $25, I raise $50 to $75, MP thinks, thinks, and raises me all in. Small folds. Here is my first dilemma. I know, probably not a hard laydown, but the way these guys were playing, very loose, my instinct said to call...........but I didn't. I folded. That hand still bothers the crap out of me. I really wish I had paid to see his cards (especially considering the next hand I played).

Back to fold around, until I get AK off, MP. UTG raises to $10, I raise to $20. Small blind raises to $125 (putting me all in), big blind folds, UTG folds. Damn. I was stuck here. I know Slick is the worst played hand out there and I know I played this terribly, but I think I was still seething from the way these guys were playing. That big of a raise, I really thought he was just playing with me. I hadn't played that many hands so maybe he was trying to get a read on me. I thought, Aces or Kings don't make that big of a raise, at worst, I am a coinflip with 2 overs, at best, he is sitting A smaller and I am a huge favorite. Unlike the last time, I go with my first instinct and I call. He flips Queens. Go figure. Of course, first card off is a Queen and I am dead. I walk - giving these guys the money I made at the Mirage.

That walk back to the hotel at 4 am is very lonely.

Playing in Vegas for my 30th

Like I discussed earlier, my 30th birthday fell on the 31st of July. I invited about 40 of my closest and we tore the city up. It was a great time. Unfortunately, I was babysitting everyone most of the time, but I did have some time to sneak away and play some poker. I caught wind of the WPT tournament over at the Mirage, so a friend of mine and I snuck over there to catch a few glimpses of the bigwigs of poker and see if we could get in a game for a few hours. The place was packed. I snuck my head in a few cracks and saw a few players: Dan Harrington, Scotty Nguyen, Antonio Esfandiari, John Juanda, and Annie Duke. I tried to follow some of the action, but people were seriously cramming in to watch and it just wasn't worth getting shoved around. My friend and I floated into the poker room and signed up for NL. It took about 30 minutes but my name was finally called. I bought in for $200 and sat down. Immediately, some guy at the table started bitching and yelling (at me? I couldn't tell) and pointing at me. I was already a little nervous, so I asked the guys next to me what was going on. They said that the guy was some kind of movie star or something and that he had been trying to get that seat for his woman for some time. I sat there and watched this guy bitch to every single Mirage person who would listen, but they kept telling him no. Then his woman walks up to him and whispers something to him. I see him whisper back and when she turns her head to listen to him, I see her face. Jennifer friggin Harman. Great. So, I took Jennifer's seat. I turn to the guy and say, "you know, that's Jennifer friggin Harman". He goes "yeah, she was playing earlier and took everyone's money." I don't think he knew who Jennifer friggin Harman was by his reaction. Guess I sat down at the right time - when she got up. I never did figure out what the big problem was.

Anyway, her guy (she's married right? I don't know that much about her) turned out to be a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge jackass. I mean, seriously, this guy was a total jackass. He had a lot of money, so obviously he was winning, but he was yelling (okay, probably too sharp of a word, because he wasn't yelling, but strongly talking?) at the other players, the dealer, the floor guy. It was ridiculous. Then, when it got to the point that I wanted to get up and put my fist in his ear, his buddy sits down at the table. He turned out to be even a BIGGER jackass. He was a "raise everything" type of player, which is fine, I know how to play people like that - he was good in the fact that if you reraised, he would fold, etc. But he was really mouthy - talking the whole time. One hand in particular, he was in raise, reraise, reraise pot with another guy with a big stack. I remember the board had a King and a Jack on it and Jackass raises like $200 on the river Jack. The other guy takes a long time and calls the bet - with pocket 7's. Jackass had A low, maybe a 3 - no pair, nothing. Good call. Tough call. Anyway, Jackass goes OFF on this guy about how stupid he was, what a terrible call, how he was going to take all of this guy's money, etc. Not mumbling either - I mean a full fledged dress down in front of everyone. Enough so, that the guy stacked his chips and walked. Now, normally, I will keep my mouth shut at all times. I will never get into any kind of debate about my play, play at a table, anything, but I was just about to say something to Jackass, when the guy next to me speaks up and says something to the tune of "You're surprised someone called your bullshit, when you have been playing crap all day. You're easy to read". Jackass goes off on him shouting (and I am paraphrasing) "Yeah, well I have won over $2 million dollars playing this game - be happy with your $100 wins." I just shook my head - what an idiot. I refused to get involved. I wish I had caught this guys name - he couldn't have been 100 pounds soaking wet (aren't all big mouths?), so it really cracked me up watching him talk shit.

After that, everyone got raise/all in happy. I have never been that type of player, but I know how to play people like that. The blinds were 2/5, but normally you didn't get to see flops for less than 20 bucks. Big blind came to me and hell if I didn't get a free look with a K10 off - 5 people in pot - flop comes A,Q,J rainbow. jackpot, nut straight. Small checks, I check (just for strategy reference, normally I bet this out with the nuts, but the way this table was running, I really felt someone would make a play at it and with the rainbow flop, I felt pretty comfortable), and someone makes it $25 to go, small blind raises to $50, I raise to $150 (I have about $100 (after the $150 bet) in front of me at this point) initial bet folds, small blind does the "How much do you have left?" I say a $100, he puts me all in, I say thank you and turn over the nuts, he says shit and turns over A7 off (WHAT?!? It was that kind of table). No runner outs, I pull a nice pot. I say thank you again to the guy just to be a smartass. Again, I am not like that normally, but Jackass across from me got everyone's temp up.

And then, it came to a head. This was a wild hand. 4 big stacks at the table, Jackass being one of them, probably around $400/$500 a piece, pretty even. Jackass raises from UTG, small blind reraises, big blind reraises, Jackass reraises, small blind reraises, big blind reraises, Jackass all-in, small all in, big all in - probably about $1300 in the pot. They flip, Jackass has pocket 6's (WHAT?!?) small has Kings, big has Aces. Nice, at least Jackass will get it handed to him, right? Wrong. Of course, as poker always has to hit for the a*holes - flop comes 5,5,6 - no help, no help, Jackass stacks the chips and walks from the table. That hurt me hard to think this guy won any money off of a terrible play (in my opinion) especially after all of that crap he gave everyone else.

Anyway, I stay for another orbit, pocket about $150 for my time and go back to the hotel and party balls with everyone.

Yeah, I know.....I suck

Jeez......serious, serious props go out to Iggy, Hdouble, Poker Chronicles, Pauly, Las Vegas Hold Em and the rest for keeping up the poker blog fight on a daily basis. It's a lot harder than it looks. I read these guys on a daily basis and really enjoy keeping up with what they have to say.

That being said, I am completely rejuvenated to write again. I have been playing a lot of poker and am really trying to improve my game. I just got back from my 30th birthday in Vegas (a lot more on that later) - one hell of a party, but also one hell of an eye opener on how good (rather, how bad) a player I really am.

I took a look at my site stats and despite my little hiatus, there are actually people coming on here looking to see what I have to say. Now, I am pumped.....and I got a lot of stuff to discuss with you guys.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

ESPN The Magazine

So, I get this week's issue of ESPN the Magazine in the mail the other day and right above the title is a little teaser for an article on the WSOP - Crashing the World Series of Poker. Alright! I get a little excited. Cool. Of course, I head right where I head everytime I get a new issue of ESPN the Magazine - the head. It's where I do my best reading. Flip straight to the WS article (written by Jay Lovinger). I have never heard of Jay, so if he is some legend of poker or something, my apologies, and I do realize that this article is written directly for the poker dummy - but, DAMN, that friggin sucked. I mean sucked. I could have reached over, grabbed a tile of toilet paper and a crayon and scribbled a better article on poker than that. Needless to say, I was seriously disappointed in Jay's work. Again, I realize this was meant for the knownothings, but if you haven't read it yet, don't hold your breath.

Now....all that being said, Jay busts out with this hilarious line - I seriously almost fell off the pot - "As I watch, Chris chugs a bagful of M&Ms and vaporizes a package of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups faster than it takes to push your chips all in." Okay, that's hilarious - probably not what Jay was going for, but hilarious nonetheless. Chris - jeez, dude, throw a salad in brother!

It's 2:00 AM and all is well

Okay, everyone, I am back. I, without a doubt, had one of the busiest weeks I have ever had at work, in my personal life, in general. It was tough - I didn't have time to do much of anything, much less play poker, much less write about poker.

BUT, I am back and I am writing again. so, stay with me - I have built up quite a few things to talk about this week.