Monday, August 09, 2004

Yeah, I know.....I suck

Jeez......serious, serious props go out to Iggy, Hdouble, Poker Chronicles, Pauly, Las Vegas Hold Em and the rest for keeping up the poker blog fight on a daily basis. It's a lot harder than it looks. I read these guys on a daily basis and really enjoy keeping up with what they have to say.

That being said, I am completely rejuvenated to write again. I have been playing a lot of poker and am really trying to improve my game. I just got back from my 30th birthday in Vegas (a lot more on that later) - one hell of a party, but also one hell of an eye opener on how good (rather, how bad) a player I really am.

I took a look at my site stats and despite my little hiatus, there are actually people coming on here looking to see what I have to say. Now, I am pumped.....and I got a lot of stuff to discuss with you guys.


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