Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Been playing A LOT of poker

My usual night consists of 3 tables of $50 NL on Party. Of course, there's always the bad beats, the bad runs, etc., but typically I can walk every night up between $75-$100 dollars. Not too bad. I would love to make more than that, but for some reason, it seems that the longer I play, the worse my cards get - especially late into the night. Not to mention, the players in the middle of the night get crazy....and I mean crazy. You do not see a flop without a raise, then you don't see a turn without a big raise and you definitely don't see a river without an all in. Now, usually I don't mind that kind of play, but for some reason, it just seems that I either do not get cards that warrant me staying in or I get sucked out at the end. Either way, I just tend to give my money back at the end of the night. So, I have really time limited myself to just a few hours a night, get my $100 and walk away.

Last night, I was into my 3 tables and felt like getting some tournament action. I got into the $9+$1 Super Weekday Qualifier on Party. 400 players. Top 22 get freerolls into the Super Weekday. I really feel like I am a good tournament player and really stick to the "get your money in if you are in the lead" only to get popped at the end - all in, with a river suckout. I can't shake that. Well, last night, somehow, someway, things changed and I was able to coast my way to a 7th place finish - which doesn't mean much, because after the top 22 were locked down, everyone just started going all in every hand - I did the same, just won a few to get to 7th. I really played well though or at least felt like I did. Made the right moves at the right times. I still believe though that in a big tournament, you can be good, but you really have to get "lucky" 3-4 times, probably more, to get into the money, even more if you are going to win. I had 2 of those instances last night that really stick out to me.

Dealt AKoff (Ace of spades) on the button, one MP limp, I make it 4xBB to go, small folds, big calls, MP folds. Flop comes all spades, 10s being the highest (10, 4, 2, if I remember correctly). Big goes all in, which at the time was a significant amount of chips - @6K. We were dead even, I was over probably less than 100 chips. I thought and thought and thought - really was hoping for that free card, but could not for the life of me think what he had. What would he call me with? KQ with a K of spades? KJ? No idea. I finally put him on one of those two with the K of spades and just trying to buy it, so I called. He turns Q-10 of spades for the made flush. Ouch. Big ouch, but I still have outs. Turn - a spade. I take the pot and take over the table chip lead. Good pot, probably a terrible call, I just couldn't see betting an all in on a made flush. A terrible read, but it worked out. Lucky call on my part.

I cruise for a while, about 100 players left, I am sitting on @13K of chips at this point - a little over the average. Dealt 55 (presto) in middle position. 3 limpers and I limp in as well - 5 in the pot. Flop comes 7,5,2 rainbow....very nice. Checked to me from the BB, I bet half the pot, drop, drop, drop, call from BB (who is about even with me chipwise). Hmmm.......okay. Turn is a 2 (2 same suit on board now). Veeeeeery nice. Checked to me, I bet half the pot, trying to milk this guy, he comes over the top of me all-in. Huh? What the?!? Only thing I could think he had was a 3rd 2 and was trying to scare me. Overpair? Overcards? I had no idea, but really thought I was golden. Took me all of 5 seconds to run the cards through my head, but just knew I was good.......but I was all-in on this call. Call and he turns pocket 7's. Full boat. DAMMMMMIT!!!!!! What the?!? I know I am a retard, but I never saw that coming. Soooooooo, guess what comes on the river? The case 5. Thank you very much. Completely lucky. Bad call made good by the Poker Gods. Unreal. I even typed sorry in the chat. I was already getting out of my seat.

Anyway, coasted from then on....I had plenty of chips and basically folded every single hand until I got into the money. Nice win, but definitely could not have gotten it done without those 2 suckouts. Like the man said, "that's poker".


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