Sunday, June 20, 2004

ESPN The Magazine

So, I get this week's issue of ESPN the Magazine in the mail the other day and right above the title is a little teaser for an article on the WSOP - Crashing the World Series of Poker. Alright! I get a little excited. Cool. Of course, I head right where I head everytime I get a new issue of ESPN the Magazine - the head. It's where I do my best reading. Flip straight to the WS article (written by Jay Lovinger). I have never heard of Jay, so if he is some legend of poker or something, my apologies, and I do realize that this article is written directly for the poker dummy - but, DAMN, that friggin sucked. I mean sucked. I could have reached over, grabbed a tile of toilet paper and a crayon and scribbled a better article on poker than that. Needless to say, I was seriously disappointed in Jay's work. Again, I realize this was meant for the knownothings, but if you haven't read it yet, don't hold your breath.

Now....all that being said, Jay busts out with this hilarious line - I seriously almost fell off the pot - "As I watch, Chris chugs a bagful of M&Ms and vaporizes a package of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups faster than it takes to push your chips all in." Okay, that's hilarious - probably not what Jay was going for, but hilarious nonetheless. Chris - jeez, dude, throw a salad in brother!

It's 2:00 AM and all is well

Okay, everyone, I am back. I, without a doubt, had one of the busiest weeks I have ever had at work, in my personal life, in general. It was tough - I didn't have time to do much of anything, much less play poker, much less write about poker.

BUT, I am back and I am writing again. so, stay with me - I have built up quite a few things to talk about this week.


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Holy crap....

I have been busy. Very sorry for my lack of posting these last few days. I had a family reunion (we all know how fun those can be) all week-end and my week at work has been devastating. I will return shortly - I promise.

Thursday, June 10, 2004


Thanks - I appreciate the link.

Holy shit....what a great post

GamblingBlues with a post right on target. Man, I completely feel your pain. 2 days ago, I got the phone call from out of the blue ending a 4-year relationship. I guess I knew it was over for a while, but to hear the words "I just want to let you know that I have moved on." Oooooooooooof. It's like someone just drop kicked me square in the nutsack. 10,000 times.

I feel your pain, brother, it sucks. I feel like the last 2 days have been a drunken haze. All I think about is calling that bitch up and chewing her out, making her feel like shit, saying anything and everything that I can to make her hurt........but I'm a puss.....and a nice I won't. Still sucks though.


I caught a little of the WPT on the Travel Channel last night - it's the one with Moneymaker on it. Man, that dude physically looks completely different. A friend of mine made the comment that the attitude of Moneymaker has completely changed. I watched for a while - and he's completely right. During the WSOP, you could tell he was timid, almost apologetic while he played. Last night, his whole demeanor, his posture, was different - almost cocky - you definitely get the impression that he feels that he belongs. I haven't seen him play outside of the win at the WSOP, so I am not sure if he does or not, but he certainly has the attitude down to a tee.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Really? Hmmmm....

Again, showing probably way too much of my pervert-ness here, but this is pretty interesting.

A new television series is looking for hot chicks.

Ultimate Poker Babes

Strip Poker is a new Pay-Per-View prime time television series. Set in an actual courtroom, a real game of Strip Poker will be played.

Eight women will be selected for this game of Texas Hold ‘Em. Each will be paid $1.000 for the taping of the show.

Plus, the winner will receive $5000.00 in cash and a chance to host a twenty-six-week, nationally syndicated, prime-time poker series.

All the selected Ultimate Poker Babes will tour America’s Hottest casinos.

Auditions will be held on June 2nd at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (7000 Hollywood Blvd) at 11 a.m. All candidates must be at least 18 and under 30 to be considered.


ESPN was having a 2003 WSOP marathon yesterday throughout the day. I sat and watched through lunch and they showed the episode where they profiled Phil Helmuth - where they showed him doing yoga, "great things will happen to me", etc. I don't know - veeeeeeeeeery strange. If you missed it, trust me, all you missed was a trip to the porcelin for a stomach cleansing, the end, for some unknown reason (the producer of this crap should lose his job immediately) they decide to show Phil, in all his naturalness. AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!! Trust me, a chicken fried steak lunch and a topless Phil Hemuth do not make for a good mix. God have mercy on anyone that had to endure that. Phil......c'mon, man, keep it on, bro.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Another link

Again, thanks for the link!

Seems I made some friends with the Shana Hiatt link.

Poker getting frontpage time on ESPN

ESPN has a write-up of the Celebrity Invitational that Phil Laak won - the same won that I alluded to down below.

I wonder how long until we start to see Poker sandwiched in between football and baseball highlights?

Monday, June 07, 2004

Ronald Reagan - jeeeeez, dude.....

I am a fairly political person, so every now and then you will see politics come out on my blog. I did, however, start this blog for poker purposes, so I will absolutely keep the politics to a minimum. In the wake of the Reagan passing, I came across this article. Holy jeez, dude, easy....easy. The man just passed away - everyone deserves their right to opinion, but man, those are some unnecessarily harsh things to say about someone that just passed - the man's body is still warm for God's sake.

Ahhhhhh, but then I read this (my bold):

I remember as a student in Berkeley the words screeching out of the bullhorn, "The Governor of the State of California, Ronald Reagan, hereby orders this demonstration to disburse" ... and then came the teargas and the truncheons. And all the while, that fang-hiding grin from the Gipper.

and it becomes all too clear. It's such a shame that people's politics make them hate so much. I don't like a lot of people, but I can, honestly, say that I don't have room in my heart for that kind of hate. Jeez.....

Thanks Iggy!

Thanks, Iggy, I appreciate the link

The Tournament

So, coming off my big win Friday night, I felt really confident walking into the Players Tournament on Saturday. I walk in and people are still talking about my play on those Kings. My head was seriously swollen. Anyway, I start the tourney with about $8000 in chips - about average. First hand, no kidding, first hand, and I get dealt Pocket Aces. Coming off Friday night, I just knew this was going to be my week-end! Ante is $100/$200 at this point. I don't want to scare anyone off, trying to get some value, so I make it $500 to go. Fold around to the man across the table from me and he goes all-in (he has me covered). Everyone folds to me, I call of course, he shows pocket Kings. Ahhhhhhhhh, how nice. He just about passes out when I show my Aces. Nothing stupid on deck and I double up 1st hand. I am telling you - it's my day! I take the 2nd hand off. 3rd hand, no kidding, 3rd hand in and I get pocket Aces again. Wow.......I make it $500 to go. One caller - young kid to my left. I flop a set and check to him. He checks. Next card nothing. I bet $500 - he folds. Damn, too bad. I make some money, but not a whole lot for a flopped set of Aces. Rest of the tourney, I am basically folding, I see nothing and ride my 2 big wins to the final table. I try and make a move and get caught with my hand in the cookie jar. I go all in with a pair of Aces after a check, only to be shown flopped 2 pair. Ouch. I double him up and basically get blinded out. My final move was A-10 of hearts all in, folded around to pocket 9's who calls. A on the flop, along with a set of 9's. Yeeeouch. I'm out in 9th place. No money. Overall, happy though - still riding a high from my previous night's work.

The Greatest Night in my Short Poker Life

Ahhhhhhhh, what a great week-end for Poker! I did well in that players tournament, but I will post on that in a second. Friday night was an absolute windfall for me. $1/$2 pot limit table. I have played this table a few times and profit usually is very small - $50 tops up to this point. The players on there are generally very tight and very tough to get any money out of - bet, fold, bet, fold. Anyway, this first timer comes in, older guy, everyone called him "Cowboy" so I'll do the same. He walks in, sits down with about $400 and proceeds to bully every hand - betting $30 bucks at $10 pots, just to make make a point. Everyone was getting pissed off. He bluffed me out of one pot where I had 2 pair, but couldn't justify betting $50 to win $50 on a possible flopped set. The best part to this whole story is that I told the guy next to me that I was going to trap this guy eventually. Fast forward about an hour. I get dealt big slick on the button - Cowboy makes it $20 to go. Everyone else folds to me, I call, small and big blinds fold. So, Cowboy and I heads up. Flop comes 7-K-K. Perfect. Cowboy comes out firing - $50. I take a second - every bone in my body screaming to raise, but I know he will bet this out, so I just coldcall. Turn card is the final K. Holy crap, like the man said, the Star Spangled Banner is going off in my head. Right on cue, Cowboy comes out firing - $100 bucks to go. I Hollywood this one for about 30 seconds, staring at him, counting chips, staring at him. Then coldcall, knowing damn well he will bet into me the final round. River is an Ace. Bingo - please, oh please, be sitting with an A in your hand Cowboy. And, of course, Cowboy goes to his chips, counts out about $150, then pushes it in. Right when he takes his hand off, I push my chips in, say I call, drop my Big Slick for the nuts. could have heard a pin drop in there. I double up, take Cowboy for all his chips - about $300 bucks worth. He shakes his head in disgust, gets up and leaves. No one says a friggin word. It was awesome!

Best part - that wasn't it. Second story about an hour later. I'm sitting in the big blind with J/10 hearts. UTG makes it $10 to go, small blind calls, I call. Flop comes 3-J-J. Here we go again. Check, Check, UTG bets $40, small calls, I call. I've got UTG on a medium to high pair. Not sure what small is on - slick maybe? Turn card comes the final J. Are you kidding me? Small checks, I check, UTG bets $50, small calls (huh? - where is he at?) I call. Final card is junk. Small bets $75 all in (I have no idea where he is at) I call (for UTG, $75 would take him all in as well, so no raise from me) UTG calls. Cards turn over - UTG shows QQ, small shows KK, and me - I show quad J's. Man, how nice........

All in all, I walk Friday night $800 bones richer. What a great night for Poker!

Friday, June 04, 2004

Shana Hiatt

Holy.....I don't think I am going out on a limb here, because it's not like its news, but Shana is friggin hot. Browsing the Internet and came across this. Holy crap! I did not know Shana was in Playboy. Hate to be the world class pervert that I am, but I am now on a mission to hunt that issue down. Damn she's hot.

Phil Laak

I saw the World Poker Tour final the other night where Phil Laak came back and won. I am not sure where I stand on all that crap he pulls at the table. I am a fairly emotional guy and, while all the guys at the table seem to be having fun with it, I think if Phil came dancing around that table after catching a river Ace - I might put one right on his chin......accidently. It seems like he is genuinely having a good time, but honestly, you beat me for a huge pot on a 3 card draw and I don't know that I would think it was all that funny.

I have to say, too, that those guys make some monster bluff bets. Wow. I guess that is what separates the men from the boys in poker - to have the stones to bluff J2 on a huge flop. I was very impressed.

Tournament Tomorrow

The local brick and mortar here has a freeroll players tournament tomorrow. I played in it last week, started shortstacked and was busted out fairly quickly. They start your chips based on the amount of points you accumulate through the week. $200 per point - I only had 20 points - so I was starting low right from the start. $100/$200 ante, moving up every orbit. Last Saturday night, I stayed at the $1/$2 PL table for some time and racked up quite a bit of points. I am going to head in tonight, play for a few hours racking points. I hope to get to about 50 by tomorrow, which will start me at @10K in chips. I think that should do it - or if anything give me a shot at the final table. The top 3 get paid, splitting up a $7K pot, which for that final table, makes for quite a bit of scratch.

I'll keep you updated as to how it goes. I would love to take that tourney.


Okay, I get it. People just do not fold in NL at Party. I think I was busted on the river - and I know everyone likes to say this - by every single bad card I could. Straights beaten by flushes, flushes by full houses. Ouch. I was up about $150 and just got greedy - stupid. Ended up losing $200, then fought my back up to be up $30 for the night. Man, did those cards turn evil on me. The crazy thing is that people were betting into me all night, betting into my made hands and I thought I would just end up raking....only to be jammed in the ahole by the river. Guess that's poker and I can't be too upset about it, but man, last night started off with such a bang, I thought I might walk with some serious scratch. Sometimes I get that conspiratory feeling that Party likes to reward bad play to keep them coming back......I don't know.

I played in a $10+1 last night for a free seat in the Weekday tourney - top 25 spots got the free entry, 26th-28th made a couple of bucks. I busted out in 32nd place out of 456 - just on the bubble. I really had no choice though - I was getting blinded down and was trying to pick my spots - picked the wrong spot. On the button, A-10 off, all in. Big blind woke up with Kings. Took me out. It was cool to make it that far though - first time I have ever even made it to double digits.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Annie Duke and Party Poker

Just like everyone else in the poker world, I read where Annie Duke blasted online players for their ignorance, etc. in calling bad hands. I see that a lot on Party every night and matter of fact, I have probably made some myself. I know online you cannot get a good read on people like you can when you are sitting there staring at them, but I feel that I have become fairly accomplished at picking up tells due to betting patterns, etc. - you can see who the loose ones are and who will lay down if you bet $3 at them. However, I see a lot of times, where someone makes a call that some overbet doesn't like and he/she proceeds to berate them, calling them every name in the book. I have, myself, asked questions like "What were you thinking?" but I don't get into the name calling - I mean it is online poker, right? I was playing the other night and this one guy was just raising, reraising every single hand - I mean, literally - every single hand, no matter what. Everyone would fold out to him and he won like 4 hands in a row to mucked hands. I had about $30 bucks left and was dealt PP 6's. Of course, he raised and broke everyone out. Flop came all lows and my 6's were top on the board, so I bet small, a feeler bet, this guy raises me all in - I call, I was tired of it and I did think I was good. River is dealt, my 6's hold up and the guy shows Q-7 off. He goes into this tirade about how I am an idiot, that he is going to take all of my money, calling me all of these names, that I am a fish, that I suck, etc for calling - what an idiotic call! I think that was basically it. I just took his money and got off. Bad call? Maybe, I didn't think so - not with the way this guy was playing and with the flop on the board. Plus it was only 30 something bucks and it was worth that much to me to see what this guy was betting. I guess my point is, along with Annie Duke, isn't a good poker play a good call when you think your opponent is bluffing? Hell, I want those kind of calls - most of the time - in the long run, I will take them.

Perfect example

Playing last night, $50 NL Party. I was kind of touch and go in the beginning - not a whole lot going on, took some $5-$10 pots, but nothing too big. I was probably up $40 total. This hand put me to sleep though and I called it a night.

I have about $82 - player I am about to go against has about $93 - fairly even
Dealt pocket 2's (h,s) - UTG makes it $3 to go - not too bad, on the button with PP, I'll call, 3 callers (myself included) so 5 players total
Flop Comes Kc,2c,2d
Pot is about $15 at this point.
UTG makes it $5 to go
Everyone fold around to me - I call
I am begging for a club or (kind of) a King for my opponent to catch a flush or full house and bet out - PP KK would suck big time, but I'll take that chance
Bingo - 9c hits - so now I have my flush draw, begging for maybe an Ac in his hand
UTG makes it $15 to go - I coldcall
River is a K - nice, again quad K's would suck, but I felt fairly confident right now - I was hoping he was sticking with a K high and a boat, which I think I could really drain him.
UTG makes it $20 to go, I take a second to "think" about it and go all-in, putting him basically all-in save for about 6-8 chips. He calls, no thought, kind of makes me think I am about to lose to quad K's. Nope. I take the pot. What did he have? Pocket 4's. WHAT?!?So, he had 2 pair, K's and 4's - doubles me up, keeps betting into a coldcaller and then calls an all-in raise after 3 rounds of coldcalling? Am I missing something? Is this a bad play or am I just thinking it is? I thought it was terrible, I would have thought I was seriously beat at that time, I missing something?

Anyway, took that pot, and from winning at the other table dropped off Party after about 2 hours up $127. Time for sleep.

Building that Bankroll

Like I said previously, I am on a mission to get some scratch together for my big 30 year blowout in Sin City come end of July. I was reading somewhere (sorry, don't remember the place) about a dude that started with $100 bucks and was building up to $10K. Pretty cool. I feel like I am a pretty good player - I am a better brink and mortar player, than online, even though I have done fairly well - so I thought I might try it out and see what kind of damage I might be able to inflict. I'll keep track, post here, show results, hands played, won, lost, etc.

I started last Monday with $100, playing $25 NL on Party. I tried to start out with 3 tables, but that damn ringer kept blaring for my turn and after folding the nut straight one time to the tune of a $60 dollar pot, I decided 2 tables was the max for me.

Right now, I am up to $50 NL tables, 2 at a time, about 3-4 hours a night after work. My bankroll is up to $1,037 as of last night's count. I had read about the stories of these floods of fish (which I am not sure I cannot count myself as one - I feel like I play poker by the book - for the most part - play for good situations, play for position, etc. - but I am not sure I am experienced enough to be talking down to anyone at this point) hitting the Party tables. Whatever you want to call them, there are some seriously weird (bad? see () above) players there every night and this past week, I almost feel like I am stealing sometimes. I have gotten popped a few times, but the good plays have seriously outweighed the bad on my part - and I am not trying to say anything by that, I just mean I see some seriously bad plays and just end up shaking my head. I have typed "What the?" in the chat more times that I can count. Cold calling down to the river with a flush, straight, A high, K high on the board with medium pocket pairs. Bluffing at $3 pots for $10, when I just flop a set, I come over the top, call them all-in and they call....with 7's? Unreal play. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining - it's helping me do what I want to do, It really is that bad.

Here we go....

Okay, I have been planning to start this blog for quite some time now, but things keep popping up....namely my own laziness. I figured since a big part of my day is reading about everyone else's experiences, trial, tribulations playing poker both online and in person, it might be a good idea to join in the discussion.

I am an avid poker player, both online and brick and mortar. I play mostly $50 NL on Party, sprinkling in some $30 or $50 SitnGo's. I have had quite a bit of success in both, but it seems like my SnG time, lately, has been spent making bad reads, bad raises, bad calls....pretty much bad play and adding to someone else's stacks. However, on the other hand, I have had some very nice success playing in the NL ring games on Party. After reading some of the success stories of building bankroll, I thought I would do the same. I started with $100 last Monday (May 24th) and have since built my roll up to $1,037 by last night's count. Actually, the winnings were more than that, but I get bored at the tables and tend to add a tournament or two at the same time and end up losing my entry fee. I will keep you updated as to how this goes. I am turning 30 July 31st and I would love it if I could build this bankroll up to finance my trip. Should be quite a bash.

Anyway, welcome to my blog. I am very active and am always looking for stuff to read, stuff to talk about and people to meet, so let me know that you are out there!